With top grade 1.0 to become an industrial clerk

08 Mar 2023
Sandra Sitzmann has completed her training as an industrial clerk at ZÜBLIN Timber in Aichach - and with the best success. Now she works in the project management/organization department. In this interview, she talks about her training period and what she remembers as being particularly positive.
Employee at her workplace in the office
  • Respectful and appreciative interaction is very important to me. During my training as an industrial clerk at ZÜBLIN Timber, I was accepted as a full team member from day one. My strengths were seen, appreciated and used - that's what makes a good employer for me!

    Sandra Sitzmann
    Industrial clerk at ZÜBLIN Timber

How did you come to work at ZÜBLIN Timber?
Everyone in our region knows ZÜBLIN Timber and the company has a good reputation. However, my path after 10th grade didn't lead me directly here; I first followed another passion and trained as a portrait photographer. I also enjoyed that a lot, but I wanted a job that offered me security and prospects for the future.

How did you experience your training period?
I felt very comfortable and was well integrated into the teams right from the start - no one put the trainee stamp on me. The atmosphere was good and open: respectful interaction is very important to me in an employer! That's how you enjoy going to the office every day. My strengths were seen and used. And even as a photographer, I was able to let off steam from time to time.

It was also great that I was able to get to know so many areas of the company: During my 2.5-year apprenticeship, I changed departments every three months: I was in purchasing, marketing, as well as in the technical office, in controlling as well as in the warehouse, went to construction sites and much more. I saw from my colleagues at the vocational school that this is not such a matter of course and so varied at other companies.

What do you remember most positively?
An important milestone was the final oral examination. The managing director and colleagues from Purchasing and Human Resources took the time to give me feedback on my test presentation. That was a nice sign of support for me and confirmed once again what I had already noticed in previous years: I am receiving the best possible training here on my way to becoming an industrial clerk and I am also valued. The result was impressive: 98 out of 100 points!