With LEAN.Construction to more sustainability

23 Mar 2023
Designing optimal construction processes and thus minimizing waste of material, time and labor - that is the goal of LEAN.Construction and thus also of Anna, who works as a process consultant at STRABAG. You can find out more about Anna and her work in the current Studydrive podcast episode "Career to Go".
  • LEAN.Construction is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

    Anna Schatzl
    Process consultant at STRABAG

Process optimization with LEAN.Construction

LEAN.Construction is all about making the best possible use of resources and thus making construction projects more efficient. In concrete terms, this means minimizing idle time and other waste - this can be waiting trucks, unnecessary crane lifts, or errors and rework by employees on the construction site. This is where Anna comes in. Her job is to sit down at the table with all those involved, question existing processes, reprogram them and optimize them.

In Studydrive's "Career to Go" podcast series, she talks about how teams can work together to design optimal construction processes using LEAN methods and thus contribute to sustainability andCO2 reduction. She also reveals what excites her most about her work and why it's important to her to always get a little bit better.

Listen to the podcast with Anna here: