My goal is to have a job that I enjoy and in which I am in a good position to shape my life the way I want it to be.

Trainee surveying technician
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Maike, trainee surveying technician

From data analysis in the office to graphical representation on the construction site: Find out what Maike has to say about her training as a surveying technician and what motivates her.

Current position
Trainee surveying technician

How did you come to train as a surveying technician?

I've always been interested in math and technology. Surveying technology combines both, so I applied and am now here at Strabag.

What happens during your training?

My day starts in the office, where I analyze and prepare data. I then use it outside on the construction site by visualizing it in points, lines and curves using our CAD program. This is particularly important for visualizing mounds, channels or roads.

What skills are particularly in demand in your job?

Definitely math skills, as I work a lot with surveying data. A certain level of technical understanding is also important and you should enjoy working on computers. It's a challenge to hold your own in a male-dominated field, but I see that more as motivation.

  • I am motivated to make a contribution to traffic route construction and thus to Germany's infrastructure.

What drives you to be successful in your job?

I am driven by helping others and achieving my personal goals. I want all doors to be open to me and I don't want to be restricted. My goal is to have a job that I enjoy and in which I achieve a good position so that I can shape my life the way I want it to be.

Finally, can you tell us why your work is important?

Definitely! Through my work in traffic route construction, I contribute to Germany's infrastructure. This makes my work significant not only for me personally, but also in a wider context.

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