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We are the strongest force to build a better future
People on the construction stand together

STRABAG is the ideal employer for people who want to work for progress rather than waiting for it. For those who relish new challenges every day, have creative ideas to offer, who think ahead and take action. For people who are open to change and the digital transformation, and are committed to working in teams. Equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of who we are as a company and how we operate. Together we work as partners to complete projects successfully and grow with new challenges. We are looking for people who will work with us to develop the future of construction. Are you ready?

Building the future: Together for a sustainable future

We aim to become the most innovative and sustainable construction technology group in Europe.

With our vision of rethinking tomorrow's construction, we have clearly formulated our goal and have already initiated the change: We will become climate neutral by 2040 throughout  the entire value chain. To achieve this goal, we will re-evaluate, rethink and make the necessary changes across the business. But that's not enough for us, we want to do more. This is exactly where our Strategy 2030 comes in.

Video STRABAG Strategy 2030

This strategy sets out how we will make our vision a reality in the coming years. As an established construction technology group, we have a clear leadership ambition: we want to be profitable and at the same time create added value for people and our environment. After all, successful and sustainable business means not just looking one-dimensionally into the future. Together we want to achieve more:

But we will not achieve this goal overnight. It is a process that requires technologies, some of which we first have to develop - and are already doing. It requires completely new ways of working that conserve resources and make us less dependent on fossil fuels. It needs all of us to walk this path together from now on.

Individual development: Your blueprint for a sustainable career

Learning is a lifelong process, both in personal development and in the work environment. And we encourage this process.

According to your competencies and personality, we offer you various development and training opportunities. We aim to ensure that you have all the necessary capabilities and skills that will be relevant both for the company and for your professional career.

Career model

Whether internship, working student, trainee program or direct entry: At STRABAG there is more than just one career path. We offer you numerous opportunities to lay the foundation for a successful career and to drive progress as part of a strong team.

Our career model offers you the opportunity to develop in three different career paths:

Employees performance review

STRABAG is characterised by a dynamic corporate culture. In our activities, we ask ourselves the question: "Where are we and where do we want to go?" We pose this question to you, too. Your needs, skills and goals are of course important to us throughout the year. In the annual employees performance review, you discuss these in detail with your manager. You set joint professional goals, discuss strengths and areas for development, and jointly determine how these can be further developed together.

Group Academy

STRABAG has what many construction companies do not have: an in-house academy. Our training program covers both company-specific expertise and knowledge areas such as leadership development, personal development, technology, IT and law. The Group Academy offers employees not only seminars by internal and external experts, but also many digital learning formats for internal training. We also work with partners such as LinkedIn Learning to provide access to over 11,000 video courses. The goal is to support demand-oriented, work-based and self-directed learning and to make it possible at any time. True to the motto "You decide when, where and how you want to learn".

  • My personal career path took me from IT Purchasing to Team Lead to Group Lead for IT Asset Management in 1994. The numerous development and training opportunities as well as the innovative working environment make STRABAG an attractive employer for me.

    Group Lead IT Asset Management
  • STRABAG is a technology pioneer and offers many opportunities for advancement with many innovations. I always stressed to my supervisor that I wanted to take on more responsibility. And I have been given the chance to do so.

    Team Lead IT Service Desk

Individual training

Optimal competences in construction and project planning require optimal training. To prepare you for these tasks, we offer two special training courses. These will give you a solid foundation for your career.

4 people sit in a training

Versatile Project Management

In cooperation with the FH Campus Vienna, we offer our prospective Project Managers extensive internal training that prepares them intensively for the handling of projects in commercial and technical areas. We place particular emphasis on the networking of participants with each other and the interaction with experienced Project Managers. In six modules, under the guidance of internal and external experts, participants learn about relevant project management topics with a focus on future-oriented and innovative ways of working and then work through the content in a practical manner using case studies.

5 people in a training room

Successful Construction Management

The challenges facing managers today are diverse and demanding. In order to optimally prepare and support our employees in the commercial and technical areas for these career steps, we offer them the "Successful Construction Management" training courses. In eight modules, comprehensive knowledge is imparted, ranging from customer management to quality assurance. Internal module leaders - mainly from our top management - run the events, building on the expertise of numerous internal and external trainers to ensure maximum practical relevance. Interaction within the groups and with the trainers is encouraged in all modules, so that long-lasting relationships can develop for mutual support in everyday professional life.

Special offers for our apprentices

An apprenticeship builds the foundation of a career. It is very important to us that you continue to develop and receive the best possible training during your apprenticeship. That's why we put together a program for you that will also support you beyond your regular training content. To enable you to make use of the most modern working techniques, this includes:

Opportunities for all

Social responsibility is important to us. We give people who need special support the opportunity to successfully complete an apprenticeship and build a professional future.

For this, we offer you the following opportunity:   

Multiple chances at the final exam: If you don't pass your final exam on the first try, you have two further chances to retake the exam.

Added value for you: Because you are worth it to us.

We are convinced that every individual at STRABAG makes a contribution to progress.

That is why our employees are our top priority. To ensure that this potential remains effective in the future, we rely on comprehensive measures - starting with safety concepts on construction sites, holistic health management, special offers for apprentices and a wide range of opportunities that create space for future-oriented work.


We offer, depending on the location, a range of benefits:

Health. Safety. Wellbeing.

The people who work for us are our most valuable asset. That is why we have established targeted measures in the areas of prevention and health promotion.

Health in focus

For us, wellbeing describes a forward-looking corporate and People & Culture policy that puts people first and incorporates the issue of health into all operational decisions and processes. After all, the term health encompasses far more than just the absence of physical illness. Ultimately, it is about people as a whole, with both the psychological and social components making a major contribution to health and wellbeing.

Our measures

Target group specific. On site. Company-wide.

  • Health expertise

    How do you actually behave in a healthy way? To help our employees gain this health knowledge, we offer lectures, workshops, webinars and confidential external individual consultations. Topics such as stress and burnout prevention, nutrition, exercise, ergonomics and motivation are presented to our employees in formats tailored to the target group. Whether you are an apprentice or a manager, whether you are a tunnel builder or a site supervisor - there is a format for YOU!

  • Sports and health offers

    Moving in breaks for a short energy refueling in between, or exhausting in the bootcamp after work? The choice is yours! A variety of sport activities take place regularly throughout the year at our locations: Running groups, back health, soccer, yoga, pilates, workplace massages and much more.

  • Leadership qualification

    Our leaders are tuned in to the topic of health and trained to recognise signs of personal crises such as burnout - both in their employees and in themselves. Healthy leadership, performance in today's working environment and communication are also essential contents of our Leadership Compass.

  • Cooperation partners

    Would you also like to benefit from our company's offers and discounts in your free time? No problem: Corporate Benefits offers you a wide range of activities and discounted (sports) equipment! In addition, you can configure your personal dream bike through our company bike leasing partner "Company Bike"!

  • Wellbeing on wheels

    Our Wellbeing is also mobile: with the Health Mobile, which travels to various construction sites individually equipped and thus reaches many of our colleagues who work independently of location and could otherwise not benefit from health activities in presence.

  • Check-ups

    As part of our regular health weeks, we offer primary preventive screenings and analyses. From spinal scans and body analyses to strength diagnostics and many other health tests, our employees can have their bodies checked.

Safety at STRABAG

No job is so important that you risk your health or that of your employees or colleagues. In order to make STRABAG safer every day, we 1 ▸ 2 ▸ 3 choose safety!

There are three essential steps behind this:

  • 1 ▸ Stop!

    Take your time and assess the situation before you act. The seconds before your next move are decisive!

  • 2 ▸ Think!

    Take a good look at the next work step, prepare it well and stand up for a safe work environment.

  • 3 ▸ Act!

    Act responsibly and work safely.

1 ▸ 2 ▸ 3 Choose Safety!

This principle is intended to encourage people to take a moment’s time out and consciously choose the right way to go about their work and focus on safety and health. Whether on the construction site or in the office: It is the seconds before the next work step that decide ...

Diverse teams: How we work together

We are united by the goal of building progress together for people and the planet.

In concrete terms, this means that as a construction technology company we will become climate-neutral by 2040. We are focusing on small steps as well as big visions. Together, we would like to successfully travel this path. To achieve this, we build on, for and with people and rely on the wide-ranging experience and perspectives of our employees.

Our guiding principles

This is what we stand for. Our guiding principles form the basis of our actions - towards our employees, our clients, our subcontractors and our society.

  • Partnership

    ... dealing with each other in an appreciative manner and meeting at eye level

  • Trust

    ... count on each other, be aware of the responsibility and give room for independent thinking and acting

  • Solidarity

    ... stand up for each other, take responsibility for successes and failures, live team spirit even in difficult times, and stand by each other

  • Innovative spirit

    ... create spaces for ideas, allow mistakes and see them as valuable learning experiences

  • Commitment

    ... define and pursue common goals, actively contribute

  • Modesty

    ... set realistic expectations of ourselves and others, remain down-to-earth

  • Sustainability

    ... taking (joint) responsibility for ourselves, our company and our environment - now and tomorrow, lasting success instead of quick victories

  • Respect

    ... being open to other points of view and ideas, human and appreciative togetherness

  • Reliability

    ... stand by our word, say what we do and do what we say

We stand for more equality, diversity and inclusion

Our EDI strategy (Equality-Diversity-Inclusion) is focused on enabling everyone to contribute with their uniqueness and experience. Diversity in our teams enables us to find innovative solutions and successfully build the future.

We encourage diversity

We focus on diversity not only in our business areas, but also among the people and teams at STRABAG. This diversity enables us to find innovative solutions and seize opportunities quickly.

Photo trainee on construction machine

Increasing gender diversity

The opportunity for individual career development, regardless of gender and gender identity, is a matter of course for us, because it is only through different perspectives and opinions that we are strong enough to master our challenges. In this context, we also want to further increase the reconciliation of parenthood and career, for example through models such as job sharing, home office, part-time and subsidized parental leave.

Photo trainees in Bebra group picture

Promoting internationality

Colleagues from over 139 nations work together successfully at STRABAG. We encourage cultural and international exchange of young talent and focus on intercultural cooperation and integration.

Two surveyors on the construction site

Enabling generational diversity

The time we work in life is increasing and so is the experience that can be passed on. We leverage this potential through our mentoring and coaching programs and cross-generational teams. In this way, we promote the exchange of experience between employees of different generations. Everyone involved benefits from this and has the opportunity to learn new things. We also offer flexible working time models to enable individual working conditions.