The versatility of my job is particularly enjoyable, as I not only work as a craftswoman, but also in the field of electrical engineering and programming.

Service technician
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Kim, service technician at STRABAG PFS

Kim works as a service technician at STRABAG PFS. Find out more about her career path and what she particularly enjoys about her work.

Current position
Service technician

What are your tasks as a service technician?

As a service technician, I make sure that the technology in the building runs smoothly. If a fault occurs, I'm the one who finds the solution. The versatility of my job is particularly fun, as I don't just work as a tradeswoman, but also in electrical engineering and programming.

Could you describe a typical working day for us?

Sure, I arrive in the morning, do my checklist first thing and check the system values. If faults occur, I go on site myself, examine the control cabinet, carry out troubleshooting and initiate the necessary measures. If a component is broken, I can either pass it on or - if it's in stock - replace it straight away.

What made you want to work in this field?

I have always been fascinated by technology. What I enjoy most is that I don't just do manual work, but can also use my skills in electrical engineering and programming. The interplay of these elements makes my job really exciting.

You did your apprenticeship as an electronics technician at STRABAG over 10 years ago. Why did you decide to remain part of the team?

After my apprenticeship, I decided to stay part-time at STRABAG because I appreciate the atmosphere and the variety of tasks. It's a company that offers room for personal and professional development.

  • It is important to me that the job is varied. Not only working on the computer, but also being on site and doing things myself is crucial for me. The flexible working hours allow me to pick up my child from kindergarten on time. That's another important aspect for me.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone looking for a similar career?

If you love technology, enjoy working in a team and appreciate variety, then this job is just right for you. Be open to new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities for further development that STRABAG offers.

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