Trainee around the world: Malte's assignment in Oman

25 Jan 2024
"STRABAG appealed to me the most," says Malte. The professional program, the fair salary and the planned stay abroad convinced him of the trainee position. In this interview, the Citizen Developer talks about his exciting time as a trainee, where he is today and what the future holds for him.
A man in a white construction site helmet and high-visibility vest stands with his hands in his pockets in front of a large construction site in Oman. Sandy earth below, blue sky above.

Why did you decide to join the trainee program at STRABAG?
Before that, I studied logistics and worked as a student trainee in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Then I wanted to take a year to find out what I wanted to do. There were only a few trainee programs to choose from in Berlin. STRABAG appealed to me the most – because the program seemed very professional, offered a fair salary and included a stay abroad.

How did your trainee program work?
As a trainee, I had a lot of freedom, which was really cool. The focus of my program was on purchasing and controlling, among other things. The plan was so flexible that I could also choose a station that interested me. So I took the initiative and got to know the STRABAG Innovation & Digitalization (SID) organizational unit in Stuttgart in consultation with my division manager. That was definitely one of the highlights of my trainee period.

The SID colleagues support us citizen developers when we develop our own apps and take care of technical and organizational issues relating to app development. I was able to build up a good network with them and also got to know how to work with Power Apps. The tool enables me to develop and publish mobile and web apps. To do this, it is necessary to acquire knowledge of low-code programming. With a certain willingness to learn, the possibilities of Power Apps and Power Automate seem endless.

  • Being on a construction site in Oman for the first time was very impressive. The scale and size of the construction sites are truly amazing.

    Citizen Developer (former trainee)

What qualities should you have for your trainee position? Who would you recommend the program to?
My trainee position was anything but an 08/15 job. I had a lot of freedom in terms of what I wanted to focus on. If you want completely predefined structures, you're in the wrong place.

What was particularly important:
• personal initiative
• innovative spirit
• the joy of creating

What particularly influenced you during your trainee program?
The time abroad in Oman was an enriching time – especially culturally and personally. I was also able to get involved professionally and pass on my knowledge of technical information. On the project side, the switch from older software to a modern ERP system was imminent. I supported preparatory measures for this on site, such as coordinating training sessions and documenting processes.

We learned a lot from each other. The colleagues on site were friendly and extremely welcoming. Overall, the time was a dream and I was sad when I left.

What impression from your time in Oman do you particularly remember?
The scale and size of the construction sites are really amazing. In my case, it was a flood protection dam to protect part of the city of Muscat from flooding. It was also special for me how many people in Oman know STRABAG and I saw the STRABAG logo many times on every road trip.

And the journey goes on...
Malte developed an innovative software solution during his trainee program. One thing led to another. Today, he works as a Citizen Developer in the track construction machinery division at STRABAG Rail. "With my love of design, the job suits me perfectly," says Malte.

As the contact person for digitalization, he evaluates processes for various projects and makes them more innovative. When developing, he uses Power Apps for the user interface and Power Automate for the workflows – and at the end of the day, there's the visualization with Power BI.

In addition to several projects that are currently in the pipeline, Malte is currently building his first team. Exciting times ahead!