Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening (PES) at STRABAG
Photo of woman with construction helmet with IPad in hand

Pre-employment screening (PES) is the checking of relevant application information for accuracy, taking into account applicable data protection regulations and other legal framework conditions. As a rule, PES should only be carried out for those applicants who are applying for a position involving the performance of particularly confidential tasks or personnel and/or financial responsibility. In certain special cases, some of the checks and measures provided for in the context of PES and described in detail below may also appear to be necessary for other applicants.

If the position applied for is affected by PES or if the application involves a special case in which the more extensive collection and processing of personal data appears to be necessary, we will inform you separately about the form and scope of PES before it is carried out.

FAQs on Pre-Employment Screening