Your internship at STRABAG

Are you looking for an exciting job with perspective?
As an intern at STRABAG, you take the first step towards starting your career and get to know the daily routine of your future job.
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Combining theory and practice. Internship or working student at STRABAG.

Do you want to put your knowledge from your studies into practice whilst working on exciting projects? Then become an intern in an international construction technology Group or join us as a working student. At STRABAG, you have the opportunity to work both regionally and internationally - according to your personal wishes and objectives.
Get your first insights into professional practice: support our construction and project managers directly on site or deepen your commercial knowledge in our offices. Together we will lay the foundation for your career.

Mandatory or voluntary internship?

A general distinction is made between mandatory and voluntary internships.

The mandatory internship is a fixed component of the curriculum and can vary in length and timing depending on the degree programme or university - a duration of one to three months is common.

If you want to do a voluntary internship, you can determine the time frame yourself. We recommend a duration of at least two to three months so that you can get a realistic impression of a possible future job. A voluntary internship is a good idea if you have already gained some theoretical experience and acquired some specialized knowledge.

Working student

With a working student job, you combine your theoretical knowledge from your studies with practical experience in everyday work. You learn new things and lay an important foundation for your future career. During the lecture periods, you can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. During the lecture-free period, you can work up to a maximum of 40 hours - depending on your workload during your studies.

Student internship & working student job: Your advantages at STRABAG.

Future employment is genuinely possible! Many of our interns or working students are now permanently employed by STRABAG and are working in their home country or worldwide, depending on their wishes. Gain valuable practical experience during your studies. This will give you a real advantage for your career start and put you one step ahead of other young professionals.

Construction site internship

Get a taste of construction: your internship at STRABAG in the construction sector.

Would you like to get to know everyday life on a construction site and find out exactly what happens during an apprenticeship at STRABAG?
Then we have just the thing for you: During an internship in the construction department, you have the opportunity to look over the shoulders of experienced employees, ask your questions and get to know our various construction professions live. This will make it easier for you to decide which apprenticeship could be the right career for you. Of course, you can also lend a hand yourself.

What construction site internships are available at STRABAG?

The school internship: A school internship usually lasts two weeks. Work experience days during class time are considered a school-related event. During this time, you are insured against accidents in the same way as when you are learning in the classroom or on an excursion.
The career orientation internship: Of course, you can also do your internship at STRABAG outside of school hours - for example, during the holidays or to bridge the gap between finishing school and starting your apprenticeship or studies. During the internship, you are covered by accident insurance through the company. Our doors are also open to those who decide to leave university early and who want to find a new direction. An internship gives you the opportunity to find out whether one of our job profiles matches your expectations.

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How will I be supervised during my internship in construction?

Regardless of whether it's a student internship or a career orientation internship - as an intern with us, you will have a permanent contact person and, depending on the area of work, will be supervised by foremen and colleagues on the construction site or in the office. You can ask any questions you may have about apprenticeships in the construction industry at any time.

What are my working hours and do I get paid for the internship?

During the student internship, the Youth Employment Protection Act applies to you. This regulates the daily working hours that are permissible for you according to your age. You will not be paid for your internship as you will not have a permanent employment relationship with us. However, the experience you gain will help you find the job that suits you best. The best foundation for starting a successful career in the construction industry.
If you do a voluntary career orientation internship at STRABAG that is independent of school, we will give you an employment contract and pay you 400 euros a month for your internship.

Will I be graded on the construction site internship?

You will not receive a grade for your school internship, because you should primarily get closer to your dream job by watching and asking questions and not actively working. However, if you wish, we will be happy to provide you with written feedback so that you can put a copy of it in your application file for your career entry. The best thing to do is to contact us directly!