The dual study programme at STRABAG: Two-track driving.

Learn today, build tomorrow. At STRABAG, you can study and gain valuable professional experience at the same time. As a graduate, you will already be ready for the next career leap. Apply now and work with us towards a better future.

How does a dual study programme work at STRABAG?

The dual study programme is aimed at high school graduates who want to start their career with an early career entry during their studies - because theory and practice are optimally linked in the dual training programme. You acquire your basic theoretical knowledge at the university and can apply it directly in practice here at the company. The theoretical and practical phases can vary depending on the degree programme or university.
Good work is rewarded: We not only cover the costs of your studies, but also pay you a fair salary.
At the end of the dual study programme, you will have gained a great deal of practical experience and an internationally recognised degree in your pocket. With this, you not only have excellent development opportunities, but also a very good chance of being taken on by STRABAG.

Which dual study programme can I follow at STRABAG?

STRABAG cooperates with various (technical) universities throughout Germany with different technical and commercial study focuses. As a construction technology Group, we focus on engineering courses and degrees in the construction industry as well as in process and project management.
Dual courses of study at STRABAG are either practice- or apprenticeship-integrated. In the practice-oriented dual study programme, university and practical phases alternate in the company. In the case of apprenticeship-integrated dual studies, you also do an apprenticeship during your practical phase. Such accompanying apprenticeships are possible in classic construction professions, e.g. concrete and reinforced concrete construction or road construction. However, we also have non-typical construction options for you, such as studying computer science.

What are the advantages of a dual study programme at STRABAG?

  • We take care of the financial side.

    So that you can concentrate fully on your studies, STRABAG pays the tuition fees, which can be between 300 and 600 euros depending on the university.

  • You get a salary on top of that.

    If you start your career with us, you will of course also be paid for it. We offer you a fair apprenticeship salary according to the construction tariff – even during lecture times.

  • Out of the lecture hall and into everyday work!

    A dual study programme offers you a variety of development opportunities: You will certainly not get bored by alternating between practice and theory. In addition, you have the best chances of finding a job in our company after successfully completing your dual training. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

  • One study, two degrees.

    Apprenticeship with studies: If you opt for an apprenticeship-integrated dual study programme, you will later have two degrees in your pocket - a study degree and a completed apprenticeship at the same time. This way you start your career in the fast lane!

  • Become part of the team.

    If your academic and work performance is good, there is nothing to stop you being taken on by the STRABAG later. We are looking forward to meeting you!