Being part of the STRABAG team is a great opportunity. The work is very varied and there are always new opportunities to develop further

Nina Kögl
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Nina Kögl is a Technician at STRABAG

What are Nina's activities, what fascinates her about her job at STRABAG and what does she advise other applicants - find out here!

Nina Kögl
Current position

What are your activities as a Technician?

As a Technician, I am responsible for the organisation and coordination of the various companies on the construction site. This includes meetings with clients and subcontractors, the implementation of special requests and inspections with owners and tenants.

When did you know that you wanted to become a Technician?

I already wanted to become a Technician during my time at the HTL. After joining STRABAG, I was sure that this was the right profession for me.

How do you feel about being a woman in the construction industry?

I feel very comfortable as a woman! So far, I've only experienced positive things. I would like to see more women working in the construction industry - that enriches every team. 

  • The team on the construction site plays a big role for me. It's important how well they work together and how well they complement each other. Without a functioning team, it would not be possible to complete projects successfully.

What does a project mean to you?

A construction project lasts an average of 24 months. Of course, you put your heart and soul into it. When it's completed successfully, it's a great feeling!

Applicants should be ...

... be open and friendly, be able to assert yourself and be able to multitask.

See for yourself what Nina reports here:

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