The bigger the machines are, the more exciting it is for me.

Maid Salkicevic
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Maid Salkicevic is doing an apprenticeship as a Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician. 

What Maid is particularly interested in about his apprenticeship, what are his tasks as a Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician at STRABAG and much more - you can find out here!

Maid Salkicevic
Current position
Apprenticeship as Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician

How did you come to train as a Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician?

I have always been interested in engine technology - both in cars and now in construction machinery. I came to my apprenticeship through an internship at STRABAG. What fascinates me about my work is how powerful the big machines are and that they can take on work that a human being can't do. I'm particularly interested in what's behind them and how everything works.

What are your tasks as a Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician? 

My favorite jobs are repairing excavators, tracked excavators, wheel loaders and graders. Our main areas of responsibility are engine technology, hydraulics and electrics. From changing filters to checking battery voltage or changing hydraulic hoses, it's all there. But we also do mechanical work and change a pulley, for example. I'm also learning how to weld spare parts during my training. 

  • For me, it's a good feeling when I successfully repair a construction machine - and it can then be returned to the construction site.

Applicants should ... 

... have a love of technology, enjoy the work, even if you have to go out in bad weather - and they should definitely be passionate about what they do.  

See for yourself here what Maid reports:

Video career story Maid Salkicevic
A knack for powerful machines: Apprenticeship as a Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician at STRABAG