A good team atmosphere is very important to me.

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Luca is doing a double apprenticeship as a civil engineer and formwork builder

Here, Luca explains why he is doing two apprenticeships at the same time and what he particularly likes about us.

Current position
Apprenticeship in civil engineering and formwork construction

Why did you decide to do a double apprenticeship?

I opted for this because it allows me to learn both trades - civil engineering and formwork construction - at the same time. Without this opportunity, I probably wouldn't do a second apprenticeship later on as a trainee.

What do you particularly like about your apprenticeship?

It's great that as an apprentice I can try out and touch everything on the construction sites. If I have any questions, my trainers show me everything straight away. So I learn a lot while I'm doing it.

  • Accuracy and having fun with my colleagues are important to me personally at work.

In your opinion, are there other arguments in favor of an apprenticeship at STRABAG?

Yes, definitely. Another advantage at STRABAG is the size of the Group, which allows you to look into many areas and develop yourself further. There are simply so many opportunities within the company, which makes me very happy.

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