As a LEAN expert in my management, change is part of my everyday work.

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Katrin works as a LEAN expert at STRABAG. Her job is to question the tried and tested. In this interview, she reveals what matters when it comes to change and what excites her most about her work.

Introduction of Digital Signature in the Group
CO2 saved:
17.500 kilograms in three years

How does it feel to weigh 17,500 kilograms?

It could be even more! 

Are you also committed to more sustainability in your private life?

I feel that living consciously and using available resources prudently is an important attitude and a matter of course. Sustainability is very easy to integrate into everyday life. For example, my son just turned four and we were all very happy about a used bicycle.

What expertise is required for the switch to Digital Signature in the Group and what are your specific tasks?

  • The will is crucial. Log in, practice, use. Once the learning curve is broken, you'll appreciate the relief for everyone involved.

As a LEAN expert in my directorate, change is part of my everyday work and I appreciate the variety. Rethinking routines and managing redesign together with people are the main areas in my work.

What has excited you the most so far during your time at STRABAG?

Construction! Being from outside the industry has given me a different perspective on a construction site. It fascinates and inspires me every time what my colleagues accomplish there.

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