I have the most fun at work when I have achieved everything I set out to do in the morning by the end of the day.

Foreman in building construction
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Andreas, foreman in building construction

What does a foreman at STRABAG actually do? Andreas tells us what he keeps an eye on at his construction sites and what he enjoys most about his work.

Current position:
Foreman in building construction

What are your tasks as a foreman?

As a foreman on large and small construction sites, I do an equal amount of traditional office work, personally monitor construction progress and plan and order materials and equipment.

In your opinion, what characterizes good polishers?

You always have an overview of your construction site. It helps if you are a structured and determined person. You should also have a high level of expertise in the construction industry to be able to keep track of the interaction between the various trades. The interpersonal component is also important, because a construction site only works well together.

What does your typical working day look like?

The typical working day starts with the morning team meeting - depending on the size of the project, there can be between 5 and 50 colleagues - to discuss the progress of the work and the timings. I then take a look at the construction site and check that everything is in order, for example in the area of occupational safety. The end of the working day is usually made up of desk tasks such as daily construction reports or recording the hours of the personnel deployed.

Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

That is definitely the training of the apprentices. I'm proud to have such good apprentices and I think it's great and sustainable to pass on my knowledge and experience in construction to them.

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