Trainee around the world: Jonas' assignment in Kenya.

14 Jun 2023
"I knew early on that the decision was right." Jonas completed his practical and development program as the first technical trainee in timber construction at ZÜBLIN Timber. In the blog post, he reports on his exciting trainee period and what happened next for him.
Selfie of young man with construction helmet, in the background you can see stairs made of wood

What led you to wood construction?
I started out in the wood technology program with a focus on production technology for wood products and furniture. As a result, I realized quite soon that the focus on solid wood products was more interesting and broader. Through various specializations in my studies, my final theses and part-time jobs, I was more and more "on the wood path" and finally applied for the trainee program with the target position of construction management. An exciting thing, after all I was the first trainee in ZÜBLIN Timber Construction.

And why did you decide on the trainee program at ZÜBLIN Timber of all companies?
The decision was obvious: Being part of the large STRABAG group offered many advantages that a purely medium-sized company acting alone does not have. The affiliation gives you the opportunity to oversee completely different projects of the most diverse sizes, and the integration of state-of-the-art machines and technologies, as well as the active promotion and integration of innovations, are among the attractive core topics.

How did your trainee program work?
During my time as a trainee, I got to know many different activities and was able to get a comprehensive overall picture of the departments and processes. I got to know many internal processes, from scheduling and working through the regulations for awarding contracts and contracts for construction services to gaining an insight into the legal area. Even during my time as a trainee in the Group, I was able to network across the board, which is very helpful in day-to-day work. This is a bonus that you don't have directly with a regular direct entry.

  • The trainee program offers the perfect opportunity to network within the Group, to get to know the processes and structures, and to understand more about the construction industry as a non-construction engineer. I'm very enthusiastic about the company and my challenging job.

    Construction/Project Manager (former Trainee)

What excited you most about your trainee program?
No two days are the same and working out challenges and solutions to problems are what make the job of a construction/project manager
so special.
Being part of such a successful construct and being able to make a difference yourself. I quickly understood that good teamwork and mutual respect are the basis for mastering many a task, but fun and enjoyment of the work also play an essential role in the challenging everyday life of a construction manager. And you can find that among our colleagues in all areas.
What moment will you remember most?
For me, it's the moment when I was shown the construction project for the first time during my assignment abroad in Kenya. I had already had a 24-hour journey with flight, overnight stay and transport from Nairobi to the camp. After arriving at the camp, I was to take a look at the construction site right away. Accustomed to German structures and dimensions, I was surprised when my supervisor got into the pickup truck. On foot, it would have taken us almost three quarters of an hour to get to the other end of the construction site. I will remember the 20-minute drive for a long time, also the many construction machines and colleagues, the size of the dam and the other structures - and above all the backdrop in the middle of one of the most beautiful and greenest landscapes in Kenya.

Story with a happy ending...
The trainee program was just the beginning of Jonas' journey through the timber construction and corporate world: Since completing his trainee program at the end of 2021, he has been working as a construction/project manager in turnkey timber construction. In this role, he is responsible for coordinating construction processes, ensuring proper execution, adherence to deadlines, and always keeps an eye on the profitability of his projects.

We wish Jonas continued success and all the best for his future path!