My team is the most important component. For example, if we were building a project with over 200 apartments, I would be lost alone.

Wolfgang Berg
Site Manager
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Wolfgang Berg is a site manager at STRABAG

Find out what Wolfgang likes about STRABAG, how he became a site manager in the first place and what qualities you need to have - here!

Wolfgang Berg
Current position:
Site Manager

How did you become a site manager?

I started as a technician in 2011 and at some point my supervisors felt that I was ready to be a site manager.

How does a construction project proceed?

The first step in preparing for a construction project is to plan the infrastructure so that you can get construction materials to the site and then haul them away.

What qualities do you need to work at STRABAG?

The requirements are many and varied. First of all, you should be a team player. Sometimes it's helpful to be able to subordinate yourself, but also to take the initiative. You should also have stamina and, of course, enjoy your work, because it's very collegial here.

  • My team is the most important component in the work. When you build over 200 apartments, for example, it's simply not possible to do it alone and without a team.

as an employer, STRABAG is ..

... very innovative and a pioneer in technology. We also have a lot of opportunities for further training and promotion in the Group.

I recommend to potential colleagues ..

... be the way you are! And above all: Apply!

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