The nice thing about the job is the variety. I'm on the construction site as well as in the office.

Technical group leader
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Aykut is an technical group leader at STRABAG.

What Aykut loves about his job and his team and what he's doing as a technical group leader - find out here!

Current position
Technical group leader

What does your daily work routine as a technical group leader look like?

I first do an inspection for occupational safety, which is a very important point. Then I support the site manager on technical questions and in the office. I'm also there for the team as a contact person in the calculation. This is where we also acquire new projects.

How do you approach new projects?

The first step in a project is that we first hold a handover meeting, which is attended by the purchasing department, the costing department, the site manager and me as the technical group leader. We go into detail there: What materials do we have to buy? How do we plan to carry out the project? And then the project starts for each individual in the team.

What is you favourite project and why?

One of my favourite projects is the waterworks in Erftstadt, which we are currently building. Why? Because it simply has high technical demands, the logistics are a challenge and working in a team is simply terrific.

  • My favourite thing about my job is that we work together as a team. We are a group of different characters and as a team we are very strong and everyone has their specific tasks that we fulfil. And that makes it a lot of fun to work on a project with everyone.

What are your strenghts?

My strengths are that I am a team player, that I am always curious and that I think purposefully.

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