When we are done with our project, I am first and foremost satisfied if everything went well, but also mega proud to have been a part of it!

Marcel Voth
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Marcel Voth is training to be a road builder at STRABAG

Find out how Marcel came to STRABAG, what his tasks are as a road builder and much more - here!

Marcel Voth
Current position
Road builder training

How did you come to STRABAG?

I came across STRABAG through a bypass road in my town. There I found out about road construction and then immediately applied for the apprenticeship via the website. I really like working outdoors and being part of a team.

What are your tasks as a road builder?

Road builders lay sewers, build concrete or asphalt roads, set curbs, pave sidewalks and work closely with construction equipment operators. My favorite part of the job is laying sewers. From digging trenches and placing shoring, to planning and laying pipes, to filling in the trenches and compacting, I'm involved everywhere.

For me, teamwork at STRABAG means ..

... to achieve something together that I can't do alone. I am happy when I can lend a hand and see what we have achieved together on the day. At STRABAG, we always work with the latest technology and have the best construction sites worldwide! The Group's training workshop in Bebra is unique in Germany - I am proud to be able to learn here.

Applicants:inside should ..

... be flexible and motivated and have the desire to lend a hand.

See for yourself what Marcel reports here:

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"Here I was": Apprenticeship as a road constructor at STRABAG