Training as an industrial clerk - Vanessa reports

22 Dec 2022
Vanessa reports on her training as an industrial clerk at STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG
Vanessa stands in front of a STRABAG logo
Vanessa Bockholt
27 years
Current position:
Trainee Industrial Clerk at STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG
Studies, Bachelor of Arts degree

We build on training with a future.

Since September 2021, I have been in training as an industrial clerk at STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne. Previously, I had already completed a degree in the humanities. However, after a short time it became clear that my preferred interests lay increasingly in other specialist areas. As the training is both practical and hands-on and combines my areas of interest, I quickly decided in favor of it.

During the two-and-a-half-year training program to become an industrial clerk, I pass through various specialist groups. So far, for example, I've already been in insurance brokerage, human resource development and procurement. It quickly became clear to me that the motto "TEAMS WORK" is lived here! I am quickly integrated into the respective team in each new specialist group, and my colleagues are there to help and advise me if I have any questions. The various stations I pass through help me to decide in which area I would like to work later on. Among other things, this is how I find out where my strengths lie or where I can further deepen my knowledge. But that's no problem at all, because that's what training is for: to surpass yourself, develop your skills, gain professional experience and, of course, find the right specialist group.

In addition to our assignments at the company, we go to vocational school in the form of block instruction. In total, we go to school three times over a few months. We also attend our internal training center in Bebra, where we learn even more about the respective specialist groups and STRABAG. These additional seminars not only anchor our knowledge of the various topics, but also strengthen the cohesion in our training year. After the seminars, we spend a lot of time together, laughing together and having fun. The training is an ongoing process of learning and personal development. You never stop learning!

I am proud to be part of such a large company and look forward to ensuring that my path at STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG continues to be exciting, instructive and thrilling. Knowing that I will be supporting the day-to-day business as a prospective junior commercial employee motivates me to give my all during my training.

Vanessa stands in front of a building