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09 Nov 2022
Become an enabler. Be responsible for helping people achieve their goals every day. Become a track layer at STRABAG Rail.

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During your training as a track builder, you will learn - quite correctly - how to build tracks. Tracks for high-speed traffic, tracks for urban and regional railroads, for public transport companies and tracks for industrial and connecting railroads. But what is involved in detail?

Before you assemble and lay the rails and switches, you prepare the construction site. The work is planned with sketches and drawings. Once the construction site is set up and properly secured, you can start laying rails and switches, inspecting and correcting defects in track systems and replacing rails and switches. The processing of construction materials, the handling of tools and construction machinery as well as construction site organization are also part of the training.

Watch all the info in the video:

Want a change of pace? No problem in the construction industry. No two construction sites are the same. And you're also on the road in a wide variety of regions in Germany. On your track tour, you'll be building platforms, level crossings and underpasses as well as tracks. That's not enough? Further training to become a foreman or technician could also be an interesting career option. As you can see, there are many opportunities open to you at STRABAG Rail.