Training in catenary construction at STRABAG Rail

30 Nov 2022
Whether in the mountains or in the lowlands, in the city or in the countryside: You will always be on the road at STRABAG Rail. The rail networks are laid all over Germany, so during your training in catenary construction you will not only get to know the tasks in electronics or industrial mechanics, but also all corners of Germany at the same time.

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In the training as an electronics technician in catenary construction, there is a bit of theory before the practice: Which electrical system makes the most sense for your project? What does the appropriate circuit diagram look like? The next step is the installation, analysis and commissioning of electronic systems.

As an industrial mechanic in overhead contact line construction, you are responsible for the expansion of track networks. You know the material requirements and know what is important and what needs to be observed during installation - whether in the countryside, in the city, on the track or at the station. In return, you will be able to perform any metal work in your sleep: Welding, machining, milling, joining. On the construction site, you will assemble the corresponding components and assemblies.

And what do both apprenticeships have in common? Troubleshooting. And troubleshooting, of course. If there are faults, you're there to find the cause. Then you take care of eliminating the error and getting the system up and running again.

Watch the video for all the information:

Whether you are an electronics technician or an industrial mechanic, your technical and practical understanding will be trained during your apprenticeship by designing circuit diagrams, using a wide range of software and reading construction plans.
In both professions, there are numerous opportunities for further and advanced training after completion of the apprenticeship. Would you like to take the master craftsman's examination and instruct trainees yourself? Would you like to pursue suitable courses of study, e.g. electrical engineering or engineering? The decision is entirely up to you.