Decide for safety

18 Nov 2022
"I work on Progress is my daily work". Eric Bulk works as an occupational safety specialist in the North Directorate and supports employees, especially on construction sites, in all aspects of safety.
Male employee in the meeting room of the STRABAG headquarters in Cologne

Work on progress

Its goal? The protection of all employees. They should be able to work safely and healthily. Eric is responsible for all colleagues in his directorate, as well as acting in an advisory and support role. In the run-up to each project, Eric is consulted about which regulations need to be observed and how they can best be implemented. He regularly inspects the construction sites to ensure that health and safety regulations are being complied with and discusses this with the employees.

To meet the requirements, Eric works closely with colleagues from a wide range of departments. In this way, he always receives all innovations, legal texts and tools at first hand. In addition to training sessions, e-learning and presentations to raise awareness of the topic, a new project is currently being introduced to make occupational safety more progressive. To this end, construction sites are equipped with monitors on which important information is played over and over again to raise employee awareness.

Digital measures taken by the Group, such as various apps offering instructions, filing systems and digital walk-throughs, support Eric's work. The apps also serve as a communication module between Eric and his colleagues on the construction site, e.g., to uncover potential for improvement.

  • "It makes me proud that I have been given the opportunity to develop in the Group in this way."

    Eric bulk
    Occupational Safety Specialist of the North Directorate

Occupational safety is innovative with its tools, but attaches great importance to continuous improvement. Eric is always involved in the process and has the opportunity not only to contribute ideas for improvement, but also to implement them.

For example, one of the issues is how to create incentives to encourage employees to become more involved in the topic of occupational safety. Erik Manfroni, occupational safety specialist in the Saxony/Thuringia directorate, has worked with the Institute for Behavioral Economics and Prof. Dr. Buchhester to come up with new concepts for this. These include workshops, interviews with staff on the construction sites and employee campaigns with the approach of involving the private, family environment to create an incentive to get home safely.

These include attaching stickers and banners or setting up a buzzer to play various jingles, such as "Get home safe".