Innovative working and learning.

17 Nov 2022
Jürgen Fedele Di Catrano is Strategic Learning & Development Manager in Human Resource Development at STRABAG. In his role, he has contributed to the non-territorial work concept in the new Innovation Center at the ZÜBLIN campus in Stuttgart.
Male employee stands in front of the Innovation Center new building in Stuttgart

Modern spatial worlds.

The new Innovation Center at the ZÜBLIN campus in Stuttgart is designed for collaborative working. On each of the six floors, there are different work zones for different needs. In addition to shared desk workstations, employees in the Innovation Center will find so-called "hide-outs" as places of retreat for undisturbed work, think tanks for exchanges in small groups, meeting rooms and encounter zones.
heart of the building is the third floor with an area for AR/VR applications as well as project garages that can be used for interdisciplinary projects.

He tells us personally what part Jürgen had in this project and how non-territorial working "feels".

  • The non-territorial work promotes and demands movement - in the legs as well as in the head. And movement gives rise to encounters and ideas.

    Jürgen Fedele Di Catrano
    Strategic Learning & Development Manager

My name is Jürgen and in my role as Strategic Learning & Development Manager in Human Resource Development, I work to ensure that good knowledge gets into good hands and good minds. Personally, it is important to me that knowledge, ability and desire harmonize with each other.
What part did you play in the Innovation Center project?
My part has changed a lot with the project - originally I was involved in equipping an IT training room. Due to the pandemic and the decision to use the project for non-territorial forms of work, it turned into consulting and guidance for new teaching and learning spaces.
What does "Work On Progress" mean to you?
I feel strongly in my role the literal meaning behind it: that progress is work. Great work, exciting work, and challenging work. And at the risk of being accused of laying it on too thick, I feel it's a privilege to be involved.
What is your motivation behind it?
The opportunity and the challenge to help shape our common future. I admire the people who get into the literal and figurative mud pit every day and make our built environment out of it with their physical and mental commitment.
What challenges were there or are there related to the project?
Unlike other types of offices, the change doesn't stop with move-in day, but really begins with it. The environment will shape the way we work and the way we work will shape the environment - and because buildings don't have a mind of their own, it's up to us to make the best of it.
Your personal highlight of the project..
Actually, too many to highlight one alone. If I can highlight just one, it's the proud smiles on colleagues' faces when they bring their loved ones into work to share the joy of the new office.
How is it working in the new environment?
Great - working non-territorially encourages and demands movement, both in the legs and in the head. And movement gives rise to encounters and ideas.


Do you also want to work with us on progress? Jürgen is currently looking for support for his team in the area of training design and communication. Please have a look:
Consultant Training Design (m/f/d)
HR Communications (m/f/d)