School graduation in the bag - and now?!

25 Oct 2022
Get to work, really get things done, put a lot of horsepower on the road and do it all in the fresh air: as a road builder at STRABAG, that's exactly what you can have.

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During your training, you will learn everything you need to know about building traffic routes in your region in the company, on the construction site and at vocational school.

First of all, this involves preparing the construction site, which usually involves excavation work, i.e. digging out excavation pits, securing them properly and creating embankments. The next step is to build the roads. Thanks to modern machines and tools, you can build the foundations, make the concrete or asphalt surfaces, and install the drainage systems for rainwater runoff. And then? Once the ground has been consolidated, the road is safe to drive on. To make sure it stays that way, you'll check it regularly for any damage and repair or replace it if necessary.

Check out all the info in the video:

That's not enough? In addition to a sense of responsibility and flexibility, you'll also learn how to deal with stress. And if all of this should ever become boring, you can continue to climb the career ladder through professional experience and further training.

You can take on responsibility for work groups in construction companies as a foreman. And you can take responsibility for entire construction projects as a certified foreman. If you are more of a planner and would like to design construction projects, you can complete further training to become a technician. Another nice alternative is to take on responsibility for the next generation as a trainer. As you can see, there are many ways to develop your career. The decision is entirely up to you.

And where can you start your training? Anywhere. Since STRABAG is represented everywhere, training is possible right on your doorstep.