15 Sep 2022
Stefanie Möncher is a Human Resource Consultant at STRABAG BMTI and has been with the Group for almost 11 years. In GUBN's podcast series "Dream Job", she provides insights into the corporate division and the various training opportunities at STRABAG BMTI, among other things.
  • There is nothing here that does not exist!

And this is true both in terms of construction equipment and vehicles and in terms of the wide range of career opportunities within the corporate division.

As the mechanical engineering department within the Group, STRABAG BMTI (Construction Machinery Technology International) is responsible for carrying out Group-wide operational management of mobile fixed assets - construction machinery, mechanical equipment and vehicles - in accordance with uniform rules and principles. In short, BMTI buys, manages and sells all the equipment technology and machinery needed on construction sites.

Thanks to the Group's own central training facility, we offer our apprentices intensive training tailored to their needs and very good earning opportunities from the 1st year of training. In addition, trainees benefit from further advantages such as allowances and bonuses. We are primarily looking for technical apprenticeships such as construction machinery mechatronics technician, but we are also on the lookout for young talents in electrical engineering and in the commercial sector throughout the year.

You can find out more about apprenticeships at STRABAG BMTI in the attached podcast episode. Have fun listening!

Podcast on the subject of training at STRABAG BMTI from GUBN's "Dream Job" series.