"From internship to master's degree. You too can make it."

08 Sep 2022
This is the name of the new pilot project of STRABAG and ZÜBLIN in Germany.
  • We want our apprenticeship occupations to become more attractive to the younger generation and to show that career opportunities are possible with lower secondary school and intermediate secondary school qualifications and an apprenticeship.

My name is Roman Kristek, I am 31 years old and a road construction foreman at STRABAG.
Exactly 20 years ago, I came to Germany and graduated from secondary school here. My career on the construction site began in 2010 as a trainee. Today, as a road construction foreman, my tasks include coordinating work processes and work safety, ensuring that employees, machines and materials are in the right place at the right time so that we can ensure that the construction site runs smoothly.

I am currently in charge of the major FAIR project in Darmstadt, one of the largest and most complex construction projects for cutting-edge international research worldwide. Here we have moved over 1.5 million m³ of earth - about as much as 28 soccer stadiums. It's precisely here that I benefit from the experience of my older colleagues - skilled workers, foremen, site managers and project managers.

That's why I decided to launch the pilot project "From internship to foreman title. As part of our project, I and my team visit comprehensive schools in Hesse to pass on what I have learned from my mentors over the past few years. I want to show the young people and up-and-coming skilled workers future prospects and opportunities for advancement in the skilled trades and encourage them to follow their path.