Open Day for Students in Bucharest

03 Aug 2022
STRABAG Hoch- und Straßenbau and TPA in Bucharest invite students to their offices

Come in!

... to the open day in Bucharest! For the students of the Technical University of Civil Engineering, an event was held last month by the STRABAG Building and Road Construction division and TPA (Society for Quality Assurance and Innovation). A total of 22 people, divided into two groups, participated.

The students had the opportunity to get to know the company better on an international and local level. They were also shown, demonstrated and explained in detail the high-end technology of our testing laboratory. The students showed great interest in the technology and the company.

The joy about the varied and eventful day in Bucharest was great on both sides. Through this event, we as a company were able to get closer to the students and give them an insight into our world of construction. The open day served as a prelude for future further events for junior employees of STRABAG in cooperation with TPA Romania.