At 27, Klara manages entire construction sites at STRABAG Major Projects

31 Aug 2022
In Studydrive's podcast series "Career To Go", she talks about her tasks as a site manager, gives insights into her career and career path at STRABAG and reveals what she particularly likes about her job.
Current position:
Site Manager at STRABAG Großprojekte GmbH Munich
Study of civil engineering, Master's degree

What are your activities?

As a site manager in traffic route construction, I am responsible for planning and coordinating major projects within Bavaria, such as highway sections, airfields or logistics areas - both outside on the construction site and inside. This includes, among other things, planning personnel, equipment and materials, meetings with the client side or the coordination of subcontractors.

Do you have a permanent job as a site manager?

Since I always have to be on site for projects, I don't have a fixed office location, but work in so-called site offices or site containers. These are fully equipped like normal offices with hardware equipment, kitchen and toilets. This is also necessary because we handle large projects and are thus often on site for a longer period of time.

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

Every construction site is individual, which means you often have to react very quickly to the unpredictable. For example, if asphalt or concrete is to be laid on a project and it rains, the work is stopped. In such a case, I often have to make ad hoc decisions and act accordingly.

  • What I love about my job is that at the end you see what you have created and that makes you proud.

What skills should one have for this profession?

Making decisions also means asserting oneself and taking responsibility. Assertiveness and a certain seriousness are therefore important. Since you have to deal with people a lot, even often just on the phone, you should definitely be communicative. Good self-organization and technical understanding are also required.

What's your favorite benefit?

That you stick together as a team. We do a lot of team-building activities, go out to eat together or to the Oktoberfest. The annual Christmas party is always really nice, too. In addition, we are always provided with drinks, fruit and sweets at the construction sites. What I personally really appreciate are the development opportunities provided by the employer. You always have the opportunity to do training and further education, not just online, but nationwide. That way, you get to travel a lot and have the chance to constantly develop yourself.

What are the entry-level opportunities?

I was already working at STRABAG as a student trainee during my master's degree. That's how I became aware of the trainee program, which I completed after my studies. Through the trainee program, I had the opportunity to gain insights into the various departments that all work together to handle the construction site. This allowed me to prepare perfectly for my desired position and I was also already very well networked in the departments, which certainly makes it easier to get started. Of course, there is also the option of starting directly in your desired position.

What do you have to do to get on the team?

Fitting well into the team - The team concept is very important to us. It should be fun to work and function as a team. We pay particular attention to this. That, and of course the technical suitability. So if the qualifications also fit, you have a good chance.


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