Career Story Johanna Sailler

02 Jun 2022
Johanna, trainee at STRABAG BMTI, talks about her experiences, new locations, countries, colleagues and why it's all about TEAMS WORK.

  • Although I travel a lot due to my trainee position at STRABAG, my colleagues on site always make me feel at home.

Johanna Sailler
26 years
Current position:
Study, Master's degree

Johanna reports on her experience at STRABAG BMTI

As a trainee at STRABAG BMTI (Construction Machinery Technology International), I am undergoing a 13-month program in which I am given the opportunity to get to know the entire Group, the employees and the business better. During my time here, I have been able to work on exciting projects with various colleagues and managers and to apply and expand my knowledge from my studies.

In addition to my "home base" in the central department of STRABAG BMTI in Vienna, I have already spent several months working at home and abroad, on construction sites, in workshops and at various administrative locations. Especially the stays and cooperation with colleagues in the commercial area were a real highlight for me. Where else do you get the chance to fulfill a long-cherished dream and dig holes with a 15-ton excavator or be involved in the dismantling of a crane?

There is also a lot for me to learn and discover away from the construction sites and workshops. In addition to supporting a film shoot or working on a day of action for "health at work", I was able to take part in a number of measures to develop our employees.

During my assignments in the various departments and directorates, I was able to gain detailed insights into various tasks and challenges in my field. Although I travel a lot as a trainee at STRABAG, my colleagues always make me feel at home. Whether it's a dinner together after work, a city tour on the weekend or a climbing trip - "TEAMS WORK." is always a priority for us! Not only did I gain great work experience, but I also got to know locations, cities and new colleagues. Through the trainee program at STRABAG, I develop every day, both on a professional and personal level!